Project themes and areas of research

The project has identified the following themes for research and interpretation to help tell the story of the  Submarine Scout Zero and the Airship stations.
  • Airship Manufacture - the components that went into an operational SSZ,  how where they made - including the envelope, the control car, the hydrogen, instruments, engine and rigging. 
  • Women and the air war - from manufacturing to non-traditional and new roles in the airship service i.e. WRENs as ground crews. Family history research/social history -as many of the women were recruited locally research on family retention within the locality of the airship stations may be possible.
  • Badges - official insignia and ‘sweetheart ‘badges, methods of production and reproduction. 
  • Wireless radio and Morse code- reconstruction/museum prop of radio 
  • Airship stations - buildings, structures and layout -recording, interpreting and visualisation for 3d and modelling.
  •  Digital archive – images, Voices of ww1, 'Beyond top secret', Peoples Collections Wales
  • Remembrance and Commemoration  – life buoy - Llangefni reproduction with Interpretation panel on reverse 
  • 3d digitising and visualisations, scale models, story maps and online resources.

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