Monday, 2 October 2017

Autumn 17

The project has given display , talks and exhibitions over the summer and is planning the final 12 months delivery stage. This will include our new web site,digital reconstructions, field work and tour of the pop up museum with the publication of our book.

Project display at "Wings over Carew" August 2017 on the centenary of the deployment of SSz16 to RNAS airship station Pembroke .
There will be a review of progress in the November newsletter highlighting some of the research and the new information we have discovered.

 We hope to release the details of the reconstruction next month and are progressing with preparing the build space and coordinating various partners to assist in this phase. If you are keen to volunteer as part of this unique reconstruction get in touch, spaces are limited but we will share the progress online as we go.

What has been most peoples reaction to the project : " I never knew anything about airships and Wales - but I do now!"

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